It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from downtown San Diego to Mission Valley and the range of nail salons is just as prolific – so is the quality. Here are some of the best on offer. They are easy to find and as far as we can tell they all offer excellent service.

  • Polish Nail Salon
  • Prestige Nails And Spa
  • Elegant Nails And Spa
  • Le Nails
  • Nail Care By Christy
  • Tippy Toes Nails And Spa

But do you live in the area, or are you just visiting? If it’s the latter you may have time to go further afield to a salon that we think is exemplary. It’s the Boudoir Nail Bar in Chula Vista and we think you may love it. Why? For many reasons. The Boudoir Nail Bar is state of the art in an art that is pretty old. Not much has changed in nail salons in the last few decades. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it has been the philosophy. But that’s not always the right approach.

And it was the forward thinking of Nora and Jeff Neff that produced the Boudoir Nail Bar – a revolutionary salon that has become the talking point of the San Diego area. Designed with luxury in mind the Chula Vista salon caters to clients every needs. Its spotless and immaculate interior wows patrons from the start and makes sure that they feel comfortable taking part in the experience of their lives. Service is without reproach and it’s hard to fault anything that happens in the bar.

Oh, and they have a bar that serves wine and beer. What more could you possibly ask for?