There are so many nail salons in San Diego, some good, some not so good. So how do you decide which one to go to. Ask your friends? Look at Yelp? Well that helps of course.

For years Nora Neff was dissatisfied with her experiences at all the nail salons she tried in San Diego. The quality of service wasn’t up to her high standards, there were language barriers to contend with and frequently she found the cleanliness of the establishments left a lot to be desired.

She and her husband James have been investigating and diving into salons for years with the primary intention of finding only the prime and top pedicurists in Southern California and became the foremost experts in guiding you to the best manicurists in the greater San Diego area.

Boudoir Nail Bar – Raising the Bar

So one day Nora said to her husband Jeff “Enough’s enough. I want open a nail salon that I would be delighted to go to myself.” And so the concept of Boudoir Nail Bar was born.

So who is Boudoir Nail Bar? They are the foremost manicurist experts in the greater San Diego area. They spent years investigating and dissecting salons in San Diego in order to establish the best possible nail bar, one that clients would have no complaints about in any possible aspect of their operation.

Boudoir Nail Bar has world class décor; a Wine and Beer bar and luxurious furnishings. But that’s just the start of the experience. Customers can expect no less than wrapt attention to their needs, complete diligence from the attentive staff and a level of cleanliness that you would probably only find in a hospital.