If you’re in downtown San Diego, whether on vacation or just shopping there are few better ways to refresh yourself than having a manicure. It’s true – just try it. A manicure can wake your senses and give you a better outlook on life.

Downtown San Diego has a least two dozen nail salons. So which one do you choose? Here are few choices:

  • Be Beauty
  • Swagg Salon
  • Emporia International
  • 999 Nails
  • Salon Identity

Any of these fine salons will treat you well and probably give you what you need in the way of a manicure. It’s a tough decision. What if you have a little more time? Jump in your car or on a trolley and take a quick to Chula Vista and Boudoir Nail Bar. It’s worth the effort. You’ll a find a salon so dedicated to pampering you that you’ll wish you found it years ago.

Luxurious in the extreme with its own wine and beer bar, Boudoir Nail Bar will take your breath away. The manicurists are more diligent than you can imagine and will cater to your every need. The quality of service is remarkable.

A Quick History

For years Nora Neff was dissatisfied with her experiences at all the nail salons she tried in San Diego. The quality of service wasn’t up to her high standards, there were language barriers to contend with and frequently she found the cleanliness of the establishments left a lot to be desired.

She and her husband James spent years investigating and diving into salons with the primary intention of finding only the prime and top pedicurists in Southern California. They became the foremost experts in nail salons and that’s when they opened Boudoir Nail Bar. Enjoy the experience.