La Jolla has been known as a resort area of San Diego for more 120 years. It became an extension of the rest of San Diego when the La Jolla Railway was built in the 1890’s. To attract visitors the railroad built a bath house and a dance pavilion. The La Jolla Park Hotel was built in 1893 followed by the Hotel Cabrillo in 1908.

From 1917 to 1964 the US Marine Corps maintained a military base in La Jolla. The base was used for marksmanship training and was known as Camp Calvin B. Matthews. It was shortly after World War II the population of La Jolla grew making the area unsuitable for use as a firing range since civilians could be put at risk. In the early 1960’s site was being viewed as a location for a proposed new campus of the University of California. In 1962 Camp Matthews was declared unnecessary by the Marine Corps. It closed in 1964, and that same year the first class of undergraduates enrolled in the University Of CA, San Diego.

Today there are a couple of dozen nail salons in the town including the following:

  • The Nail Shop
  • The Nails Club
  • Bellini Beauty Bar
  • Coastal Nails And Spa
  • Nancy’s Nails

If you have the time and feel like driving about 20 miles there’s a nail bar experience that we think is worth the additional effort. It’s the Boudoir Nail Bar in Chula Vista and we think you may love it. The Boudoir Nail Bar is state of the art. Not much has changed in nail salons in the last few decades. And it was the forward thinking of Nora and James Neff that produced this revolutionary salon that has become the talking point of the San Diego area.

Designed with luxury in mind the Chula Vista salon caters to clients’ every needs including a bar that serves wine and beer. What more could you possibly ask for?