Pacific Beach, CA just north of San Diego is a surf and sand town that has become most popular in the last few years. It has miles of beaches, funky bars and welcoming restaurants.

Founded in the 1860’s as the railroad made inroads into the area it swiftly became popular as a resort. There are many fun things to do in the area: jog along the 3.2 miles of sand. Visit Sea World which is right there. Cruise the bay, or just feed the birds.

There is a surprising number of nail bars and salons in Pacific Beach considering the size of the area. But that makes sense since if you are relaxing a manicure and pampering goes along with the experience. Here are some of the salons:

  • Terri’s Nails Lounge And Spa
  • Essential Nails
  • French Nail Designs & Spa
  •  Beautilicious Nails And Spa
  • Royalty Nails

But wait. Drive south for about 20 minutes to Chula Vista and there’s a real treat in store in the shape of the Boudoir Nail Bar.

At Boudoir, our sole purpose for existence is to change the way nail salons look and feel—forever. Boudoir Nail Bar, like many other innovations, started with a seed of a thought that with time and lots and lots of miracle grow, became a reality. Owned and operated by Nora & James Neff, a husband and wife duo who plan to revolutionize the nail service industry by creating unique and personalized experiences for their clients.

The idea of Boudoir came about a few years back after countless disappointing encounters Nora had at many “other” nail salons. Poor customer services, language barriers, lack of cleanliness, no sterilization protocols, undesirable atmosphere, and simply not getting the experience that she deserved for her hard worked money! For all these reasons Nora was inspired Nora to create Boudoir Nail Bar where mommies, daughters, girlfriends, sisters, (and men!) can get the service and experience they deserve!