Although El Cajon is less than 13 miles from Downtown San Diego it seems like a lot further in character and climate. But despite that it has some pretty decent nail salons. Witness:

  • Eva Nails
  • Helen’s Nails
  • California Nail Design
  • Sparkle Pro Nail And Spa

There are more that are well respected in the area. But if you the time why not go half the distance in the other direction to a gem of a salon in Chula Vista.

Boudoir Nail Bar is earning itself an enviable reputation as the prestige nail salon in the area – and with good reason. It was founded by a husband and wife team who were fed up with poor service, poor communication, poor hygiene and a mediocre ambience. They decided to do something about it. Since then Nora and Jeff Neff have established one of the most impressive nail salons in the greater San Diego area, drawing clients from miles away.

“We knew that if we gave people something they had craved for years we would get repeat customers. And that is exactly what happened,” said Nora Neff. Apparently what people had craved for years was luxurious surroundings, a wine and beer bar, superb service and the ability to tell the staff exactly what they wanted.

The formula has paid off. Currently the Boudoir Nail Bar is booked solidly for weeks at a time and shows no sign of slowing down.

James Neff said “I think if you show people that you care about their needs and desires they will come back again and again. And that’s what we have done. We look forward to seeing you soon. When we can fit you in of course.”